Town Line Hardware: Prep Your Home for Winter

The winter season is approaching, but cold weather is already here. And while snow is pretty, it can cause some damage if the proper precautions are not instilled. This month, we’re discussing some potential issues you may encounter during winter and some solutions to fix them! When it comes time to get the job done, you can rely on Town Line Hardware to supply you with what you need!

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Drafts, Cracks, and Leaks 

If you find yourself experiencing cold air from a draft, it’s best to check your windows and feel around for cold air. If you find that your windows are drafty, you can use weather-sealing tape to prevent airflow from outside. 

Don’t heat rooms you don’t use! We recommend using vent covers for vents in rooms you don’t occupy as much. This is a great way to save some extra money on your heating bill and heat rooms faster. Another thing you can do is keep the door closed after you put the vent cover on to ensure heat doesn’t travel into any unused rooms. 

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Check Your Roof

It’s a great idea to check things like your gutters and downspouts and install de-icing cables if you feel it’s necessary. This will help ensure that you don’t encounter any damage from ice dams. You can also put electric de-icing cables on your roof and above your gutters to prevent ice from forming.

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Slippery Walkways and Driveways 

When it starts to snow, you’ll want to stock up on your supply of salt or sand. Salt is excellent for a few reasons. It can help provide extra traction for walkways and driveways while also melting ice and snow. The extra traction that salt gives can also aid you in getting your car out of any icy and snowy conditions.

Sand is great if you want something less abrasive for your driveways and walkways. There’s also less risk of it affecting your landscaping as opposed to salt. However, it’s important to note that sand can be a little messy and track inside the house. So we recommend keeping a mat outside to wipe off any excess sand!


Choose Town Line Hardware for Your Winter Needs!

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