Summer Window Maintenance at Your Local Hardware Store

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Now that it’s finally summer, we want to spend every moment we can enjoying the sunshine. And we don’t just mean outside. When the days are longer, you want to take advantage of the natural light inside your house, too. But what you don’t want to see as the afternoon sun hits your window is all the grime that built up throughout the winter and spring. Luckily, your local hardware store, Town Line Hardware, has the solutions.

Let the sunshine in with these window maintenance tips from your local hardware store.


Check the caulking and weatherstripping.

Your windows do two main things: let the light in and keep the elements out. When the window is closed and locked, you want it to be sealed. The two parts of your window that create a seal are the caulking and the weatherstripping. Caulking seals any gaps between the window and the siding. Weatherstripping insulates the space between the sash and the windowpane. Check for cracks or deterioration and replace anything that is breaking down. You can easily find both at your local hardware store.


Check the windowpanes and hardware.

It’s important for your windows to open and close easily and lock securely. Dirt and debris can get caught in the track and make your windows difficult to open. Cleaning them out and lubricating them a little should allow you to open and close your windows with ease. If the window locks are broken or missing, install replacements. This will improve your home security and keep your windows sealed properly when they’re shut.


Give them a good clean.

Last but not least, give your windows a good cleaning, both inside and outside. Letting dirt sit on your windows not only makes your house look grubby, but it can also break down your windows so they don’t last as long as they should. Use soap and water or a window cleaner in up and down strokes to avoid streaking.


Supplies and Window Treatments at Your Local Hardware Store

Are your windows nice and clean but still look like they’re missing something? What they need could be new window treatments. At Town Line Hardware, we carry beautiful and convenient window treatments from Hunter Douglas. There are a variety of color options and styles and you can purchase custom-designed and fitted window covering right in your local hardware store!


Come visit Town Line Hardware in Sudbury today! Our team is ready to help you get what you need to complete your next project.