3 Ways To Spruce Up That Boring Front Door!

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With the outdoor season upon us in New England, homeowners are looking around more than any other time during the year. Because of this, you may notice that your front door is not quite up to par and causing a bit of embarrassment when it comes to curb appeal. Don’t worry, your local paint store, Town Line Hardware has the perfect solution to make the woes disappear!


According to feng shui, the front door of a home is one of the most important areas.


If you’re not familiar with feng shui, here is a quick overview.

Feng shui is a practice dating back to ancient Chinese methods that focus on living in harmony with nature. How does this relate to your front door? It is often believed that colors can influence mood, health, and prosperity. With this in mind, our team from Town Line Hardware is looking at a few of the most popular front door paint colors and how they jive with the world of feng shui.


Go Earth Toned.

Whether you live in an old farmhouse or a modern colonial, selecting an earth-colored paint, like brown or yellow, will bring a sense of overall calmness to the home. In correlation to ancient Chinese methods, these tones are associated with self-care, grounding, and offer support to the overall wellbeing. 


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Bring on the calmness.

Although blue and green are earth colors, they sit in a separate category with feng shui practice. These two colors represent growth, bringing uplifting energy to the home, which is further believed to be surrounded by kindness. No wonder these have been and will continue to be two of the most desired colors for front doors!


Want something more exciting? Think red!

Red is the perfect color for nearly any color home that needs a pop of excitement. Whether your home is white or dark gray, red is a sure eye-catcher when it comes to curb appeal. And, unbeknownst to many, this color represents good luck and protection – perfect in every way!


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If you are looking for a fun, simple way to spruce up your home, stop into your local paint store! At Town Line Hardware we proudly carry the ultimate selection in Benjamin Moore Paint. From interior to exterior, we have your DIY covered!


Visit Town Line Hardware at 84 Boston Post Road in Sudbury and turn your boring facade into something exciting!